Students Istanbul escort

Age 18
Nationality Ukrainian
Height 163
Weight 50
Breast size 2
Body 91-60-91
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Languages english,russian,turkish
Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
Working hours 24/7
Registrate: 28.06.2018

Istanbul students escort Lola is a complete opposition to cumbersomeness:

  • her walk is light, filled with youthful enthusiasm
  • her eyes shine with summer sparkles
  • her voice is so exhilarating and pure as that of a spring that streams from the ground, adding to the level of a fast river
  • her bedazzling gaze will make you shy from awkwardness due to her simplicity and openness even if you are the most hardened man
  • her body is pure and smells like a thousand meadow flowers, bunched into the delightful shape of a woman.

It is almost impossible to resist her female charms when you see her in flesh. Even in pictures, she is a lovely young mountain goat that comes from one free grass lawn to another, and whose being is far away from all sorts of complication.